Quality policy

To summarize why Bartele delivers quality on the base of policy is easy to say with 17 years of experience since 1999. We summarize it in 5 aspects: Quality of staff; a stimulating pedagogical vision, activity program and framework; Security and Healthcare policy; Organisation policy with a self steering team and Governance, incl. external checks.

Quality of Staff

First article in newspaper Stadsblad 2-6-1999.

  • Bartele uses a very tough selection procedure for new childcare workers. For Bartele, this is the most important tool to secure quality. Whatever method you use, if love for children and the will to improve your qualities for those children isn’t manifest, you can give them all kinds of training, but Bartele will then not be the place to take care for the development of our cherished children.
  • Besides these 2 basic qualities, additional qualities in compare with the present staff to function as a rich team is the next criterium. Not every person is just as well good with parents, but everyone brings relevant qualities in a team. 
  • To implement our pedogical policy program, we use 5 core professionalal competences. We have ligned them out in beginner vs. expert behaviour on multiple dimensions. This way, our workers can grip and develop their talents and those of the children. 

Pedagogical policy and development

  • kwaliteitsbeleid kinderdagverblijfThe interior design and spaces of Bartele are unique and express the Bartele pedagogical policy very well. The space as a third pedagogue (besides the workers and the parents) therefore increments a prominent place in our quality policy.  
  • Bartele has an ambituous pedagogical program. This gives perspective to give really in practice a a learning rich environment to the children. Our unique approach in the spacing for children is also internationally recognised, with professional visitors from Sweden, Germany and Poland. 
  • Bartele keeps track on scientific developments around pedagogy and development studies, to link them with our program. Much of the discoveries of the last decade support the importance of free play, guided by sensitive educators. Some research even shows that kids tend to use more complex language if they are not steered via instruction by professionals, while other research shows that educators can contribute to the development of language not by explaining everything to kids with the thread to decrease their interest to discover the world, but by guiding kids with questions and only from time to time tell them more.
  • From every kid a child personal ‘life-book’ is beeing made and updated over time, as expression of our concern for their broad development. These are portfolio books with various notes, drawings, pictures and observations about your child. When a kid leaves the daycare, parents get this ‘life-book’ with them. 

Security & Healthcare policy

  • For security and healthcare policy we use a risk-inventarisation as common within childcare in the Netherlands, special tuned into daycare. Risico-monitor.nl offers a precise opportunity to picture all risks and manage them. Unfortunately this is a time-costing task. We rather correct a thing in practice in the same week, then first writing it in our risk system. Sometimes therefore we forget something to write in the system, in case it helps that the national inspection shows what is missing in the documents.  n aanpakken, en wachten niet totdat het in de rie ook als actie is opgeschreven. 
  • Bartele has a licence for its fire-security, which level of protection corresponds with the highest security measures for bigger buildings. It has an automatic fire detection system which informs the fire brigage immediately when it detects fire.
  • One worker has the mandate to monitor all needed repairment issues and adjust those with the owner, who is the repairment manager. To maintain its high quality in space design, which request a lot of taylor made work. Around 6 to 10 weekends in a year our handyman is busy at the kindergarden.  
  • The team and the owner share a group Whatsapp account in which all relevant issues are immediately for direct support.
  • Bartele uses a lot of natural materials, like wood and cotton. Our cleaning stuff is also ecologic. While we reduce many risks, some we account important in pedagogical terms, like edges in the room and small stairs, because without resistance meaningful development is a lot more complicated. 

The risk-inventory in daycare

  • Bartele works with the national developed risico-monitor.nl special for daycare. This is done fully every year, and in between when necessary. Based on the risk-inventory we work with an action plan, protocols and work instructions. Issues coming forth of these are regularly subject of team meetings, so they are in control of the risks, and whenever needed there is adjustment between the team responsble worker for the risk inventory and the owner. Parents can get access to this risk-inventory on request and have space to give tips. Tips will always be taken serious.

Organisation-policy securing quality

  • Born policymakers

    Bartele has a self-driving team. This way, parents have direct contact with the responsibles for their daycare, and is the team able with their mandate to control and adjust to every situation. The team disposes of direct support by the owner and external experts appointed for their support if needed.

  • There is training on individual as well as group level annually.
  • To make small daycares like Bartele possible, Bartele has initiated together with others the establishment of CDK, Cooperative Services for Daycare. This way small organizations can rely on support, especially for overhead tasks. CDK offers external coaching to quality policy or a third pair of eyes during a performance interview.  

Goverance & complain procedure

As an flown organization for the development of children, we want to realize quality. External inspection helps in certain ways for this. Our policy is annually controled by the inspection. You can find the latest reports here. Over the years, we perform again and again outstanding in our pedagogical quality, but we can improve the visibility of our quality in our text documents as explained under security policy. All recommendations of the inspection are implemented within a week or month.

Parents rely on their trust in our commitment for quality and care. This requires from us responsbility. But sometimes things can go not so well as everybody whishes, sometimes just driven by practical circumstances, like the everyday challenge for workers to combine various tasks at the same time. To that end we have a complain protocol, which is written in our Pedagogisch beleidsplan. As well as separately in Klachtenbeleid Bartele protocol (both in Dutch, sorry). For external complain procedures we are member of the stichting De Geschillencommissie. Every parent can at every time direct his/her complain to this commission, however, if you haven’t taken the time in cases which deserve such adjusment to give us the opportunity to react and do something with the complain, they can declare such a complain inadmissible. 

Since 1999 there has been only one external complain. If something happens, we prefer that you go first to the involved person from Bartele, if that doesn’t help to the responsible teammember for complains or directly with the owner. In cases if it is not a individual issue, you can also send it to our parent commission. They can listen to your complain and give you useful questions or tips. 

If you have any further questions, contact us and we will be glad to answer you.