Parents about Bartele

Ouders over Kinderdagverblijf BarteleTestimonials of parents about Kinderdagverblijf Bartele Amsterdam

Sincere testimonials can give you a quit good idea about how it looks like. Below 2 reactions about this kindergarden in Amsterdam. But the best check you can do is to come over for a round tour. You can send to that end free of charge your request via our inschrijvingsformulier.

In 2009 a nice article was written about Bartele in Ezeltje Prik with the title Dartelen bij Bartele. Do you wanna know why the parental commission of Bartele enthusiastic is about Bartele? They will kindly update you on that!

We have always believed in our own quality. A really nice example of that is that some kids, having left for primary school, have been coming back to Bartele one moment because they had so nice memories of it. But it reads more authentic to read concrete stories from our parents. Here we present two of them: 

Rosa: “The employees look really what works best by every child!”

“When I was pregnant of our oldest son we made a orientation in the different kindergardens in our neighborhood, in big ones and small ones. Our preference went directly to bartele. It is not to tight and not to polished, but cosily and domestic, perfect for small kids. 

When our son went to Bartele, we discovered what is the greatest plus of Bartele: their extraordinary pedagogical workers. Hayat and Hadiyatou work already since a long time by this creche in Amsterdam and are really adorable. They look really what works best for every individual child. In this way every child can blossom and feels itself pleasent and safe by this kindergarden in Amsterdam. 

“Not to tight and polished, but cosily and domestic, perfect for small kids

Both of our sons have had a terrific time at Kindergarden Bartele. Onze beide zoons hebben het dan ook altijd geweldig gevonden bij Bartele. In the mean time they are both at school but always wave enthusiastically towards their former pedagogical workers when they see them or cross this kindergarden at the streat. 

Recently their youngest sister is going to Bartele and we know for sure that she will experience a very nice time there!”

Rosa, parent and former OC member (Parental Commission in Kindergarden)

Maaike: “Designed with the playing and learning child at its centre!” 

“When we were orienting for a kindergarden for our son Claas, we looked in the first instance towards big regional organizations. But because we felt a lack of domestic feeling there we decided to go look at Bartele, and that proved to be a good idea. Bartele is deisgned with the playing and learning child at its centre. This means by example that they use warm colours and materials, that al the toys are from wood and that they are accessible for children to take. The food is biological, and whenever the weather makes it possible they go out, every day one or two times. Sometimes they go to a playground in the neighborhood, or to the local child farm, or to the library. 

‘Most important thing: enthusiastic, experienced and long term committed workers… We leave our kids with a calm heart’

But what might be the most important thing is that there are enthusiastic, experienced and long term committed workers, who take care of the kids with much attention and love. The eventual replacement workers in most cases are known and have workerd earlier on Bartele, in which way the kids know already these workers. Also our contact with the workers is good: for questions about by example the health of our children or their feeding their door is always open, but also about by example the education of a heatedly  tot they kindly think with you and your situation. 

Our kids (in the mean time we have now 2) go every day with many pleasure to Bartele, Claas our eldest is even disappointed when he has ‘holiday from kindergarden’. We leave our kids in Bartele with a calm heart, and are very satisified by this cosily and safe kindergarden!”

Maaike Leusink-Stevens, parent, former chairman OC Bartele (Parental Commission)