Security Policy

The security policy at Bartele, kindergarden Amsterdam is of the highest standards. The basis of it is a risk inventarisation and evaluation (RIE), as national used and controlled annually by the inspection. This means that every year the whole location is controlled for possible risks for every space, for a possible chance and level of risk. We take actions every month to reduce the risks, and define protocols and action measures to reduce them. But the security policy of Bartele contains a lot more then this only.

Security policy Bartele, many extra’s:

Besides working with the RIE, this kindergarden has an optional package of measures to safeguard and devleop security:

  1. A full swing firesignal system, every room is controlled and when a signal goes of, the local firedepartment will be automatically called with our address in their visual. This way they can take action immedialety when necessary. We have our own service manager of this system, so that we know exactly how it works. For big organizations this is a standard feature, but not for small ones like us.

    Veiligheidsbeleid in kinderopvang

    Veiligheidsbeleid in kinderopvang

  2. BHV & child EHBO. Every fix team member receives one in three years un update training in emergency and help behaviour. Normally only one person on 20.
  3. An owner who can fix wihtin 12 to 36 hours a job that needs to be fixed. We have excellent handyman which may be called by the team also itself, fast, very good, safe and careful. That is wonderful.
  4. We have invested a lot in a challenging design and interior. That is no industrial product, but much of it tailormade, like a big wooden playhouse, and a balcony with stairs but also a slide, all tailormade certificated. kwaliteitsbeleid kinderdagverblijf
  5. Pedagogically we value the stimulation of safety ability. That means that we have included lots of child friendly step possibilities. We don’t like big square empty rooms, that’s not how life feels if you look at little children and nature. Our interior challenges children to develop their motoric ability, this includes the possiblity to fall. Besides that it has also the extra that they can choose a space which fits their mood, feels more safer.
  6. Our space-interior is completely renewd end of 2011 to have better sight between the different playrooms on eachother for safety reasons. That way the pedagogical professionals can easier finetune on what is going on.