Unique way of work!

The way of work of Kindergarden Bartele: authentic, integral child friendly!

Bartele, is a Fries (North eastern) Dutch word that stands for ‘To dig a whole in the earth in order to seed (so that seeds are embedded in healthy earth to grow).

Kinderdagverblijf Bartele is setup in 1999, to create an environment in which children can develop themselves optimal and safe, each in his own tempo and with its own characterics and talents. Kinderdagverblijf BarteleDat komt integraal terug in de werkwijze van Bartele, uniek in kinderopvang. Oprichter en eigenaar Marian Jones was hiertoe gemotiveerd nadat ze jarenlang in het welzijnswerk had gewerkt in onder meer pleegzorg en meidenopvang.

Our Bartele distinctive method can be explained in:

Selfsteering team that approaches children personal:

Teammembers know where they stand for and are selected on their warmth, professional attitude and interest in children, everyone in their own qualities. The teammembers fulfill extra tasks according their competence and interest, with as a consequence a organization with souplesse, and in which you know by whom you need to be for what!

Healthy, environment friendly and affordable prized:

Standard we work with biological food, ecological cleaning stuff, a big beautiful garden with playground and slide in which the kids often play, for a highly competitive price (price 2017 pro hour: €7,18), including diapers and babyfood. By offering many creative activities by ourselves (which is also better because that is more accessible for kids), we are able to offer a high quality for a reasonable price.

Playful design, enterior and toys of quality:

Playful uniqe design and spacing, with quality toys for various talents and levels, which foster the creativity, abstract thinking and fantasy with an accent on natural materials like wood.

Homey atmosphere, child at the centre:

With 2 groups and a big garden, all staff members know all kids. From every child a life-book portfolio is being made and kept updated, with observations, drawings and pictures. That way we make the talents of the children visible, and parents and children get a beatiful portfolio with them once they leave the daycare.

Integral vision on broad development:

Bartele knows a lot about new knowledge in the sciences about development. We embed and govern the 4 domains of development in daily schedule, activities, toys and interior and plays. Our team members by example sing easily as guidance by crossing of activities, play creative games and make little works of art. As well as see with the eyes of children towards the seasons and help them develop words for that they sense. d

All basic info can be downloaded (in Dutch) in our Bartele infobooklet.