Organisation: Self steering team

Self steering team: experienced, passioned and professional

Bartele is an old Fries word that means literally to dig on the land so that people can seed. It shows our ambition to support children so they can flower. Self-reliance is a central value. Therefore we have a self steering team with members that complement eachother.

The self steering team consists of: Aga, Hadiyatou, Hayat en Laudine. Together they can speak Polish, French, English, although the daily conversation with kids is normally in Dutch. They have together more then 34 years of experience with Bartele, and are supported by stable temporary employees.

Zelfsturend team, vlnr: Hayat, Hadi, Aga & Laudine

Self steering team, from left to right: Hayat, Hadi, Aga & Laudine

Aga takes care of the pedagogical policy together with her team mates and the welcome of new parents. Hayat takes care of the work schedule. Hadiyatou takes care of general purchases and contact with parents commission (oc), and Laudine takes care of our protocols, contact with inspection and oc with Hadiyatou.

The team is supported by:

  • The children, parents and temporary works with which they daily work. See also our core values which express how we work!
  • Esther Rienks, director CDK, Coöperation Servies (Dienstverlening) Kindergardens. She supports among others with contract administration and gives professional trainings.
  • The owner, Marian Jones. Educated as a teacher as well as welfare worker, with years experience in among crisis shelter and foster care, she has chosen to work from 1995 onwards to work in kindergardens with little kids. In 1999 she has started her own kindergarden. Besides coaching of the team she is responsible for the repair and refurbishment.