Personal competence & life book

Personal communication with children: the base for personal competence

Persoonlijke competentieTwo of our 5 main values: The child at the centre and Authenticy from workers and children means that communicate everyday personal with the kids. We look them in they eyes and talk sensitive, so they feel they are being seen and dare to develop themselves personally.

Another aspect from this is that we pay attention to possibilities for development of personal compentece. To be able to make decisions for itself, to plan, to organize, to take care of itself, from toilet trainedness to eating and drinking, from cleaning to clothing, from planning a play together to how to solve a conflict etc.

Life book

While this costs us a lot of extra work, we put effort to write down in a  lifebook for every child personal things we think are special. From its first words to how it thinks etc. Including pictures and drawings.

Every child and its parents get this with them when they leave. It is a joyful remembering for this period from your child, especially to look at it decades later.

We place pictures, observations, collages, drawings, paintings and observations from the child. It gives a beautiful overview of each child its own uniqueness, personal competence and talents!